This site contains archives for the family of Ross and Kathy Callaghan, from Paraparaumu Beach, New Zealand.


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Family history

In 2016 Kathy researched the Tyson and Graham family lines: the family of Ross's mother, Madge (nee Tyson). Both families originated in Cumberland, England. The research went back 7 generations.

This document can be downloaded here: Tyson and Graham family

Annual newsletters

Every year from 1983 on we sent out a Christmas newsletter detailing the year's activities. 

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Things my parents taught me

When our children left school we gave them a special record of "Things my parents taught me".

This can be read here:  Things my parents taught me


Audio and video interviews

Over the years we have interviewed quite a few of our family members. These interviews can be heard by clicking on the following links, then clicking 'Download' on the page that opens up. Some of the files are large so may take a little while to download and play.


Isaac Tyson Age 90  An interview with Ross's grandfather, Isaac Tyson, on his 90th birthday. Recorded in 1972. here is a transcript of this interview (as the tape is sometimes a little hard to understand). Isaac Tyson.


Madge Callaghan and Norma Bayly 1981  Ross's mother Madge, and her sister, Norma, give a detailed account of their lives, It includes lots of interesting information about Ross and his brother, Brian, as they were growing up!


Madge Callaghan and Norma Bayly 1985   A follow-up interview with Ross's mother and Auntie.


Eric Andersen 1987   Kathy's father, Eric, gave a detailed overview of his life in this interview. It was recorded in 1987 not long before Eric died.


Joyce Andersen 1987  We also recorded Kathy's mother, Joyce, in 1987. Joyce describes her life in England and New Zealand.


Debbie's tape  Recordings of our daughter, Debbie, from the day she was born through till she was 10 year's old.


Sarah's tape   Recordings of our daughter, Sarah, from the day she was born in 1981 and through her childhood.


Phil's tape  Recordings of our son, Phil, from birth to age 18.


Simon Dawson  A short recording done while Simon was on holiday with us in Wellington in 1985. Simon died of leukemia soon after this.

Aunty Norma tribute   A tribute to Aunty Norma made when she was 96.


Our family in 2015

From left: Phil, Debbie, Dan, Ross, Heidi, Blake, Kathy, Michael, JJ (front), Sarah, Isla, Luke, Fraser

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